We help you create new markets and profitable business by digitizing your products.

We help you transform your business plans to intelligent products. We always include our collective experiences from creating +100 intelligent products and we make sure that your product is future proof.
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Our expertise is managing the development of intelligent products.

Today intelligent products are much more than embedded software and electronics, as cloud-services and mobile app technologies are often key-elements in a successful intelligent product. Let Glaze assist you with the management and organization of your project and help you transform the spread of technologies to your sustainable business advantage.
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We are founded and run as an ├śresund region company. This means that our advisors are utilized both in Sweden and Denmark. So do not be surprised if you are met with a "tjenare" or a "hej" when meeting our advisors.

Who we are

We are senior advisors specialized in managing the development of intelligent devices with an average experience of 14 years.
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What we do

Our comfort zone is to safely navigate product development and enabling your business to utilize the potential of intelligent products.
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Why us

Because there is no single vendor that can comprise the whole end-to-end development process of an intelligent product.
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