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How do we make the “Smart Home” Smart?

How do we make the "Smart Home" Smart? Without blinking, we today tend to call a lot of products and concepts smart. The light bulb that can be controlled through an app is smart, the dish washer that notifies you when it’s done is smart and the door lock that you can open through Bluetooth…
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Blog: Cloud intelligence on the factory floor

Cloud intelligence on the factory floor In these years, Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook are planning data centers all around Scandinavia. Here, the technology giants will process the growing data volumes that citizens and businesses generate on, for example, social media, television streaming and internet searches. But it's not just on the consumer side that…
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IS YOUR NEXT MEDICAL DEVICE AN EDGE DEVICE? Looking at the regulations and standards, that must be followed when designing a Medical Device, it may seem impossible to use Cloud Services and IoT for this. After all, IEC 62304, IEC 82304-1 and ISO 13485 are all very rigid when it comes to configuration management, version…
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News: Microsoft to push cloud to edge

In recent years, there has been a strong push to move everything to a centralized cloud, enabled by virtualization and driven by the need to cut costs, reduce the time to market for new services, and increase flexibility. In recent years fog computing have discussed how location impacts performance, efficient use of network resources and…
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