• Lithium Balance

    Lithium Balance

    Lithium Balance is developing a breakthrough energy solution for power storage from solar panels and windmills. The energy solution automatically chooses the most suitable…

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  • ectogrid


    ectogrid™ is a new revolutionising energy system that shares thermal energy flows between buildings. The name ectogrid™ comes from ectothermic animals. Ectogrid™ can just…

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  • SonoSteam


    Campylobacter continues to be the most commonly reported gastrointestinal bacterial pathogen in humans in the EU and has been so since 2005. Whereas Salmonella…

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  • Acconeer


    With breakthrough technology Acconeer has developed a microradar that opens up a new world for human interaction. Acconeer’s sensor is suitable for a wide…

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  • E.ON


    E.ON 100Koll is an energy and smart-home solution helping customers understand their energy usage and controlling appliances through Wifi. 100Koll is a platform where…

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  • Urban Water

    Urban Water

    Danish article about Urban Water and Glaze cooperation. Urban Water is producing a ground breaking high water shut that is equipped with an electronic…

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  • Brimon


    Brimon is developing a new revolutionary infrastructure wear monitoring solution, primarily to significantly reduce the lifetime cost of highways. The product continuously measures and…

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  • Swedish Net

    Swedish Net

    Swedish Net is specialised in technical and physical protection for facilities with high security requirements. Swedish Net has carried out advanced projects for nuclear…

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  • Acarix


    Bringing 21st century technology and mathematics together, the new CADScor® System signifies dramatic changes to advanced auscultation (listening to the internal sounds of the…

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