Swedish Net

Swedish Net is specialised in technical and physical protection for facilities with high security requirements. Swedish Net has carried out advanced projects for nuclear power plants, airports, penal institutions, embassies, and national security projects. Glaze has advised within strategy and ideation.


Before the year 2013 Swedish Net had focus on solutions, many of these were concentrated within nuclear power plants. This however proved to be a vulnerable strategy as government removed the strategic support and thus much of the budget for nuclear power plants. This was a big hit for Swedish Net. In the end of 2013 they turned to Glaze in order to revise strategy. In 2014 together with Glaze’s advisors a strategic change was done in their service offers and a focus on consultancy services were chosen. The result of the cooperation has so far been very positive as the turn-over and profit have doubled with a planned quadrupling in 2018.


“We are very pleased with the cooperation with Glaze and the significant results it has resulted in. We look forward to continue our strategic cooperation in the years to come and we can recommend to utilize Glaze and their advisors who have shown great ability to understand our complex service area and the corresponding business logic”, Markus Selme CEO.

We are currently offering the following positions in our Danish office