We deliver unbiased and IoT-specialised consultancy

Thereby helping organisations leveraging the potential of Internet-of-Things

We have a simple yet effective process that helps organisations identify and qualify IoT-based business cases. All our advisors are specialised within IoT and have several years of global device roll-outs. We therefore assist throughout the whole value chain - from business case to roll-out - and we have implemented some of the largest IoT-projects in Scandinavia.

Our Consulting services:

IDEATION & strategy

We deliver business cases based on proof-of-concepts and pilot projects to ensure that the business hypothesis and total-cost-of-ownership are well substantiated.


We help find your place in the IoT eco-system. Many years of experience with various solution providers, device manufacturers, sensors, protocols, cloud and analytics platforms mean we find the right partners and technologies.


No matter if you are a start-up or a well-established company it is a mighty task to safely and profitably launch an IoT-solution. Mitigate the risks and let us manage your project to a safe launch.


Let us help you select the right sourcing set-up so that the right balance between time-to-market, cost and quality is met and we even offer support during the whole product life time.

Our home ground

  • Embedded platforms

    We have been managing the development and production of the "things" for many years, even way before it was called Internet-of-Things.

  • Connected devices

    We design a secure architecture that supports your requirements for local and internet communication and choose the right hardware platform and protocols.

  • Apps & adaptive user experiences

    We manage the development of smart phones apps and we have unique insight in how to design user experiences with the use of newest sensors and materials.

  • Cloud enablement

    We make sure that you choose the right cloud platform that suits your needs for e.g. analytics, machine learning and administration while securing high coherence of the entire system.

Activity examples

Some of the activities we do:

Let our senior advisors contribute within digital innovation, customer experience and value proposition. We are not only technical experts, we also have some very sharp business and creative minds that can help your organisation discover business potential.
How well adapted is your company for IoT business models  and how do your competitors handle IoT? We provide you with an assessment of your business along with recommendations.
Our simple and effective process helps you identify the most fitting business cases for your organisation. In the process we will e.g. answer the following questions:
How can your organisation leverage the potential of IoT? How do we conduct a proof-of-concept? What are the total cost of ownership? What business cases should we refine and which should we omit?
Let us test your business hypothesis with our "works-like, looks-like, feels-like" methodology. In the "works-like" phase we test the hypothesis with standard products and get valuable user feedback and workflow knowledge. In the "looks-like" phase we go further into details with form-factors, business case refinement and proof-of-technology. Moving in to the "feels-like" phase we gather valuable insight in user experience and technology challenges.
Which cloud platform suits your needs and what are your opportunities with analytics and machine learning?  Get ahead with an objective analysis of your cloud and analytics opportunities.
Security is a critical element of an IoT deployment. We have processes and experts that help you avoid incorrect data exposure and insecure infrastructure of devices and back-end.
Our senior advisors have many years of experience within management and handling of development of intelligent products. Therefore, we handle the day-to-day project management as an ambassador for your company, mitigating the risks and always focusing on a transparent and flexible project management tailored your requirements.
We help you go from prototypes to real-world products and make sure that it is within the agreed time-to-market, quality and cost. As is the general case with our services, we base our advisory on your specific requirements and real-life experiences with the relevant partners.
New products and services are not always going to remain new. Therefore, we secure that already in the early stages maintenance and support are included in the project planning and organization.


IoT-system experience

Our experience with vendors, device producers, protocols, cloud and analytics platforms mean we help you find the right partners and technologies.

Specialist IoT-advisory

We are specialised in IoT and we have experience from global device projects and Scandinavia’s leading IoT projects: from business case to market.

Technology independent

We base our advisory on an objective and impartial foundation and we have no bias in which technologies your solutions should be based on.